Kuorri Sweet Escape of D'Eden Lover
GC Candirand's Love On The Rocks
GC Candirand's Simply Irresistable
GC W-Ali-Baba Trademarque of Candirand
CH Candirand's Causin A' Comotion
CH Candirand's Unbridled Passion GC Kitcorp Mighty Sweet
Kyaleen's Faith of Candirand
Granddelight Deep In Vougue GC FurFrennz Chaucer of Fancee That GC Anz Heavy Hitter of Royal Lace
GC FurFrennz Catch A Falling Star DM
CH Bolo Bombshell of Nunza
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
Softmagic Victoria of Hollydaze
Bocasana's Yvette GC Vickit's Diamante of Bocasana
GC Vickit's Mirage Ladar Risky Business
Bolo's Princess Diana of Vickits DM
CH Jonala's Blue Angel of Vickits DM GC NW Jonala's Chaz DM
GC Softmagic Loretta of Jonala
Dearborn on My Mind of Bocasana GC NW Equinox Enigma Av Elains DM
GC RW Equinox Moody Blues
GC Anz All The Trimmings of Equinox
Whitthaven's Bit O'Honey DM GC Kikicat Higgens of Whitthaven
Marhei's Lucie of Kozy

ŠEden Lover Latin Lover, Kuorii, Divination