GRC D'Eden Lover Night Owl of Kuorii
Candirand's Charlie Brown of D'Eden Lover
GC RW Candirand's Blast From The Past DM
GC Candirand's Somebody Slap Me
CH Candirand's Shut Up-N-Kiss Me
Bekah Ashleigh of Candirand DM
GC Candirand's Johnny Bravo of Bekah
GC RW Silowette Halle of Bekah
Kuorii Moonlight Kiss Kuorii Casper GC DW Barmont's U.B.
Bocasana's Covergirl of Kuorii
DW Kuorii Sugar-Cube
Think Pink Portofino of Kuorii
Bocasana's Covergirl of Kuorii

GC  Kuorii Yohji Of D'eden Lover 

DW D'Eden Lover My Sexy Toy of Kuorii
Kuorii Dream Weaver of D'Eden Lover
Steeplechase Jiorio
D'Eden Lover Ericka of Kuorii
D'Eden Lover Sam-Sarah
Tehy Eternity of D'Eden lover
Blue Dream Giulia Roberts
GC NW Kuorii J Lo of Marcus
GC DW Kuorii Bouba of Latin Lover
GC Tehy Martini of Kuorii
CH Mashhad Asayo of Kuorii DM 
Kuorii Baby Cheers of Granddelight
GC Pajean's Bayou Bandit
GC NW Jovan Cheers of Kuorii

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